Tonna hardyi Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods (& Near Classes)  

Release 45.04 

yellow rule

A partly illustrated catalogue of Recent Marine Gastropods with references to books in my small library and some guidelines on how I have put this together plus update history.

me and friend  Index of Common Names

I will shortly be adding a comprehensive list of all the many museums, institutions, collectors and dealers who have sourced images or given me access to produce my own images.

Images of shells for which I would appreciate help in accurate naming - eg subspecies, forms and of course some for which I do not know the names at all!

Email me with comments, corrections, images, what ever - they are all very welcome :     Eddie Hardy (click and then change "[email protected]" to "@" to get the valid email address )
(and some pictures of unidentified insects and other small creatures from the Amazon)

Please note that images from this site may ONLY be used with the copyright owner's permission.  Abuse of this may lead to image suppliers withdrawing their permission for me to use them and that may ultimately lead to the whole site being withdrawn.

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