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Abrupt Turbonilla Acapulco Trajana Admirable Pedipes Alinalina Alinalina All Red Mappa
Almost Smooth Bistrinotata Alsaka Cocculina Ampulla Angari Angled Screw Shell Angle-mouth Screw Shell
Angular Unicorn Apple Seed Apple Seed Erato Articulate Vertagus Articulated Littorina Ash-coloured Turbo
Atlantic Amphissa Atlantic Assiminea Australian Necklace Badwater Snail Baker Snipe's Bill Banded Dye Shell
Banded Ovulid Banded Screw Shell Banded Shell Banded Trochus Barbara's Top-spindle Barrel Shell
Bartsch's Odostome Bat Cassidula Beaded Horn Shell Beau’s Paper-bubble Beau's Vitrinella Beautiful Caecum
Beautiful Niso Beautiful Truncatella Beggar Aspella Belcher's Chorus Shell Bell Clapper Black Banded Clava
Black Faunus Black Lamellaria Black-tipped Okenia Blainville's Muricop Bloody Screw Shell Blotched Gracilis
Blunt Iselica Boat Shell Boreal Hairy Snail Boring Turret Shell Boswell's Metula Boutet's Leviathan
Brazilian Cinerea Broad Emozamia Broderip's Screw Shell Brown and White Coffee Shell Brown and White Coffee-Bean Shell Brown Line Niso
Brown Sargassum Shell Brown Sayella Buccie Buijse’s Odostome Bull's-Eye Butterfly-wing Sand Shell
Button Snail California Armina California Assiminea California Barleeia California Caecum California Horn Shell
Californian Assiminea Californian Banded Pheasant Shell Californian Margin Shell Californian Pedicularia Californian Truncatella Callidan
Cameo Shell Cancellate Cancellate Beak Shell Canoe Shell Cantaloupe Cap of Liberty
Cap Trochis Shell Capreola Purple Snai Carbon Imbricaria Caribbean Truncatella Carinate Alvania Carinate Screw Shell
Carolina Turbonilla Carol's Okenia Cartographic Mappa Cart-rut Shell Cat's Ear Cassidula Cat's Eye
Chalk-lined Channeled Odostome Channelled Solarielle Chan's Dorid Chaste Comptonii Checkered Australwink
Checkered Hairy Snai Checkered Thorn Unicorn Chestnut Sand Snail Chinese Horn Choice Seaweed Shell Christmas Tree
Circular Saw Shell Circular Saw Shell Clarion Screw Shell Clarke's False Cominella Closely-Related Carneola Coarse Cronia
Cockaroo Coffe-Bean Marsh Shell Columbelle Erato Columbian Amphissa Columnar Cerith Commercial Trochus
Common Amathina Common Atlantic Common Flamingo Tongue Common Lesser Tulip Shell Common Northern Chink Shell Common Purple Sea Snail
Common Shell Common Tube-forming Coral Dweller Common Warrener Compact Alvinia Conrad's Turbonille Contrasting Argus
Controversial Isabella Corrugated Stromb Costate Horn Shell Creamy Yellow Shell Crowned Hairy Snail Cuban Pedipes
Cuban Dwarf Pedipes Cuming's Batillaria Cuming's Metula Cylindrical Atys Dall's Turbonille Dark Littorina
Dark-Blotched Goodalli Dark-Mouthed Conniwink Dart Screw Shell Deceptive Brevidentata Decollated Clusterwink Decorated Margin Shell
DeFolin's Lagoon Snail Delicate Turbonilla Depressed Vitrinella Diadem Spiny Top Snail Diana's Ear Dolphin Shell
Duplicate Screw Shell Eastern American Screw Shell Elegant Kelp Elephant Fish Elkington Sand Shell Elongate Aspella
Elongate Lamellaria Elusive Perlae Emarginate Eroded Turret Shell Eschricht's Bittium Eschscholtz Turbonille
Ethiopian Macron European Screw Shell Even-sculptured Merelina Ezo Screw Shell False Elephant Snout False Elephant's Snout
False Melon False Venus Comb Fingerprint Flamingo Tongue Fischer's Gaza Flamingo Tongue Flat Skenea
Flesh-coloured Peristernia Shell Flinders' Lepsiella Florida Onchidella Florida State Shell Florida State Shell Flower Shell
Fluctuating Brevidentata Fool's Four-threaded Bittium France's Warp Shell Freckled Screw Shell Furrowed Clusterwin
Gelatinous Snail Fish Gem Arene Genkai Shell Giant Dendronotus Giant Forreria Giant freckled dorid
Giant Leucotina Giant Pacific Bittium Girdled Burnupena Girdled Horn Shell Girdled Odostome Girdled Screw Shell
Girdled Screw Shell Glossy Violet Snail Gold Dirona Gold Ringer Golden Jeaniana Gold-Mouthed Conniwink
Gray Hairy Snail Great Screw Shell Greek Keyhole Limit Greenish Cernica Gridiron Turbonilla Gritty Dorid
Grooved Grooved Sand Snail Gross Owenii Guilding's Atys Gunn's Screw Shell Gunther's Split Shell
Half-smooth Odostome Hard Amphibola Harp Baby-bubble Harp Lora Harry Lee's Vitrinella Hawk Turbonille
Hercules Club Hermissend Honey-coloured Marginalis Hor Hor Horn Shell
Horn Shell Hungarian Ca i Imperial Ladder Shell Imperial Turcicula Impressed Odostome
Incised Turbonilla Indian Purple Shell Indian Scurra -indistincta Interrupted Turbonille Intricate Baily Shell
Island Horn Ivory Shell Jacqueline's Calliostoma Japanese Wonder Shell Jenkins' Spire Snail Jenkins' Spire Snail
Joseph's Coat Amphissa Judas' Cassidula Junonia Kawamura's Parasitic Snail Keeled Screw Shell Kiener's Ladder Shell
King Island Kelp Shell Kneecap Shell Knobbed Gyrineum Knobby Snail Knocker's Screw Shell Ko'ele
Kowie Screw Shell Kuroda's Philine Labio Ladder Horn Shell Ladder Truncatella Lamellose Solarielle
Lamp Shell Lamp Shell Lapa Large Screw Shell Large Violet Snail Laver
Laver Spire Snail Lax Turbonilla Lettered Horn Shell Ligar Screw Shell Lightning Turbo Moon Lined Diodora
Lined Sand Snail Lined Septaria Lirate Vitrinella Little Little Aspella Little Pillar Turbonille
Little Screw Shell Livid Macron Looping Snail Lush L:impe MacGillivray's Woodcock Maculated Screw Shell
Magpie Shell Maka-ia-uli Many-named Caecum Many-ringed Caecum Marble Cymbium Marked Gracilis
Marlinspike Martin's Balcis Master Screw Shell Matsumoto's Niso Mauger's Erato McLean's Calliostoma
Mediocre Bistrinotata Mediterranean Umbrella Shell Melanioides Abyssal Shell Melon Melvill's Abyssal Shell Mesal Screw Shell
Midas' Ear Cassidula Milton's Melon Minute Minute Turton Clam Miraculous Pedipes Miraculous Thatcheria
Monkey Sand Shell Monterey Dorid Monterey Dorid Moroccan Cymbium Mouse Ear Ovatella Mulberry Shell
Multiplicate Snipe's Bill Nanaimo Necklace Coffee Shell Necklace Coffee-Bean Shell Necklace Screw Shell Necklace Screw Shell
Necklace Snail Needle Odostome Needle Odostome Neglected Hirundo Nerite-like Ear Netted Mathilda
Niobe Odostome Noduled Littorina North West Ochidella Northern Rose Nucleus Cassidula Obscure Solarielle
Obtuse Horn Shell Obtuse Iselica Odostome Old Lady Old Woman Olla
Once-grooved Pedipes One-banded Chink Shell One-Banded Fimbriata One-ribbed Hairy Snail One-ridged Turbonilla Onion Shell
Opal Screw Shell Opalescent Nudibranch Orange Band Shell Orange Okeni Orange-spotted Sand Snail Ornate Turbonilla
Ovoid Odostome Oyster Borer Painted Kelp Shell Painted Lady Painted Sand Snail Panama Swamp Cassidula
Panama Swamp Shell Paper Burnupena Peal's Cone Shell Pear Marsh Snail Pecos Assiminea Peppermint Snail
Perlemoen Pharaoh's Horn Pink Metula Pink Okenia Pisa Shell Pitcher-shaped Stromb
Plicate Horn Shell Plicate Turret Shell Plough Shell Pod Shell Pointed Cingula Pointed Screw Shell
Polished Margin Shell Porcupine Castor Bean Poulson's Dwarf Triton Pretty Mouth Pretty Ranella Prickly Horn
Produced Sayella Projecting Screw Shell Projecting Screw Shell Pulchra-like Lurida Pumilio Punctate Turbonilla
Pupiform Turbonilla Purple Merelina Purple Sea Shell Quadrate Horn Shell Quarterdeck Radiant Button Shell
Rainbow Kelp Recluzia Shell Red Conelet Red gilled dori Red Lasaea Red-rimmed melania
Red-stripe Reflexed Haloconch Reticulate Cocculina Ribbed Ribbed Cominella Ribbed Dogwinkl
Ribbed Macron Ribbed Spindle Shell Riise's Turbonilla Ring-spotted Rock Aglaja Rock She
Rostrate Horn Rosy Shell Rough Castor Bean Rounded Screw Shell Round-mouth Trajana Ruddy Rim Shell
Rufous-tipped nudibranch Rugged Metaxia Rugose Cassidula Rustic Dye Shell Sad Unicorn Sail Stromb
Salt Marsh Hydrobia Salt Marsh Snail Salt-Marsh Shell San Diego Dori San Pedro Augur Santa Barbara Spindle Shell
Sargassum Shell Scabby Littorari Scratched Screw Screw Shell Sea Button Sea Ear
Sea Elephant Sea Mouse Serpulid Odostome Seven Ribbed Conelet Shark's Eye Sharp-tooth Odostome
Shield Shell Shield Shell Shining Balcis Ship's Flag Shell Shoreham Sand Shell Short Abbreviated
Short-Beaked Globulus Shoulder-blade Sea Cat Shouldered Castor Bean Shouldered Pheasant Shell Shrewd Trochid Shuttlecock
Silver Kelp Shell Silver Lip Slender Bittium Slender Colus Shell Slender Metaxia Slim Benthovolute
Slim Cup Shell Sloping Screw Shell Smooth Velvet Snail Solid Dalium Solute Akera Southern Cat's Eye
Southern Lyre Shell Spanish Dancer Speckle Spectral Screw Shell Spider-like Castor Bean Spindle Shell
Spined Maple Leaf Spined Maple Leaf Triton Spiny Clava Spiny Thaid Spiny Top Snail Spiny Wheel Shell
Spiny Wheel Shell Spiny Woodcock Spire Snail Spotted Cask Spotted Colubraria Spotted Colubraria
Spotted Cominella Spotted Flask Spotted Hallia Spotted Sand Shell Spotted Stenothyra Spotted Tiger Shell
Spotted Unicorn Staircase Turbonilla Staphylaea's Cousin Star Arene Stellate Sand Snail Stellate Trochus
Stock’s Odostome Stocky Shell Stone Apple Striate Jujubine Striped Striped Screw Shell
Striped-mouth Conniwink Strongly Margined Algoensis Strong-ribbed Shell Sumner's Turbonilla Swollen Spire Snail Swollen Spire Snail
Swollen Spire Snail Sydney Okenia Taylor's Spire Snai Taylor's Spire Snail Taylor's Spire Snail Taylor's Spire Snail
Telescope Shell The Atlanta Thorny Woodcock Threaded Band Shell Threaded Bittium Three Line Mud Shell
Three-groove Odostome Three-ridged Amathina Three-ridged Screw Shell Three-toothed Odostome Tiger Armina Tiger Shell
Tiled Hypselodoris Tiny Urchin Snail Titanic Leviathan Tochni Toffee Apple Shell Tortoise Shell
Totten's Hydrobi Toyatan’s Turbonilla Traill's Ovulid Trifle Peasiella Trochita Shell True Kelp
True Wide-mouthed Shell Truncate Marsh Hydrobia Tulip Shell Turk's Cap Turnip Shell Turret Shell
Turreted Conelet Twin Odostome Twisted Necklace Two-Coloured Piperita Two-keeled Hairy Snail Two-sutured Odostome
Two-tail Vitrinella Tyler's Beak Shell Umbilicate Melon Umbrella Shell Unblemished Diluculum Upright Teinostoma
Variable Arene Variable Bittium Variable Lacuna Varicose Alaba Varicose Solarielle Variegate Screw Shell
Variegated Chink Shell Velie's Margin Shell Velvet Shell Venus Comb Venus Comb Murex Victor Dan's Delphinula
Victor Dan's Metula Virginia Odostome W Indian Baily Shell Waltzing Mathilda Waltzing Matilda Wandering Hariy Snail
Wavy Turbo Weber’s Odostome West Indian Alvania Westermann’s Turbonilla Western Baby's Ear Western Coxeni
Western White Slipper Shell Wheel Shell Wheel Shell White Clandestina White Giant Turris White Parasitic Snail
White-lined Diron White-lipped Castor Bean White-mouthed Screw Shell White-spotted Lesser Tulip Shell Wide Chink Shell Wide-mouthed Dye Shell
Wild Vine Root Wine-mouthed Lepsiella Wine-plumed Wine-plumed spiny Xoxa Velha Yellow Umbrella
Yellow-edged Cadlina Zoned Cerith Shell