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Release 35.01 went up 15th April. The first software changes and changes to the sequence in which species appear in the index pages and moving from species to species have been implemented.

Onchidoris bilamellata

(Linnaeus, C., 1767) Barnacle-eating Nudibranch Body size to 40 mm N Atlantic; N Pacific
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
Opisthobranch Molluscs of the Seas of Russia (in Russian)p 140-141
Nudibranchs of the Worldp 13
The Sea Slug Forum
Onchidoris fusca Müller, O.F., 1776
Zoologiae Danicaep 229
Doris verrucosa Pennant, T., 1777
Onchidoris elfortiana Blainville, H.M.D. de, 1816
Bull. Sci. Soc. Philom. ParisVol. 13, p 95
Doris leachii Blainville, H.M.D. de, 1816
Doris affinis Thompson, W., 1840
Additions to the Fauna of IrelandVol. 5, p 85
Doris lamellosa Johnston, G., 1842
Doris liturata Beck, H.H. in Mřller, H.P.C., 1842 : N Atlantic
Naturhistorisk Tidsskrift KroyerVol. 4/1, p 78
Doris echinata Lovén, S.L., 1846
Ofv. Kongl. Vet. Akad. Főrh., Stockholm(1845), p 137
Doris coronata Agassiz, L., 1850
Proc. Boston Soc. Nat. Hist.Vol. 3, p 191
Doris vulgaris Leach, W.E. in Gray, J.E., 1852, "1847"
Synopsis of the Mollusca of Great Britainp 19
Onchidoris bilamellata liturata (f) Beck, H.H. in Bergh, L.S.R., 1878
Reisen im Archipel der PhilippinenZweite Teil, Band 2, Theil 2, Heft 14, p 609
Onchidoris bilamellata pacifica (f) Bergh, L.S.R., 1880 : Alaska
Scientific Results of the Exploration of AlaskaVol. 1, Art. 6/2, p 211
Ancylodoris baicalensis Dybowski, W., 1900
Nachr. Deutsch. Malak. Ges.Vol. 32/11-12, p 143
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