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Version 45.00 started going live 22nd January, 2019. This release will incorporate significant changes to many families.

Conus (Floraconus) balteatus

(Sowerby, G.B. I, 1833) Ringed Cone Shell size 18 - 47 mm E Africa - Japan & Fiji
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
Conch. Illustr. (London)(Conus), Pl. 37/58
Molluscs of Okinawap 127/5
Philippine Marine MollusksVol. 5, Pl. 1394/6
European Journal of Taxonomyvol.134, p 4 -conf of Floraconus
Encyclopedia of Marine Gastropodsp 397/1
Compendium of Seashellsp 259/2.3
Australian Marine Shells Part 2p 201; Pl. 50/9
Guide to Australian Shellsp 73/10
Guide to Shells of Papua New Guineap 59/10
Shells of the Philippinesp 237/13
Shells of New Guinea & Central Pacificp 87/15-16
Conidae; Volume 1:Indo-Pacific Regionp 339/24-28, 33-36
Nomenclature and Taxonomy in the Living Conidaep 47
Conus pigmentatus concolor Barros, F.N. de & C.M.I. Cunha, 1933
Mem. Mus. Zool. Univ. CoimbraVol. 1/71, p 52/43
Nomenclature and Taxonomy in the Living Conidaep 82
Conus circumclausus Féneaux, A., 1942 : Mauritius
Bull. Inst. Oceanog. MonacoVol. 814, p 3/8
Nomenclature and Taxonomy in the Living Conidaep 75
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