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Version 45.00 started going live 22nd January, 2019. This release will incorporate significant changes to many families.

Lotoria lotoria

(Linnaeus, C., 1758) Black-spotted/Washing Bath Triton Shell size 90 - 160 mm Tropical Indo-W Pacific
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
Indonesian Shells Ip 71/10
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Philippine Marine MollusksVol. 1, p 107; Pl. 266/6-8
Encyclopedia of Marine Gastropodsp 160/5
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The Shell Handbookp 106
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Compendium of Seashellsp 120/1.4
Collector's guide to Seashells of the Worldp 83/9
Australian Marine Shells Part 1p 244; Pl. 41/1
Guide to Australian Shellsp 29/3
Guide to Shells of Papua New Guineap 21/3
Shells of the Philippinesp 111/10
Shells of New Guinea & Central Pacificp 13/5
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Marine Molluscs of Mauritiusp 47/Pl. VIII
Shells of Vietnamp 104; Pl. 30/2, 5
Bull. Auckland Inst. & Mus.Vol. 12, p 215
Cymatium rhinoceros Röding, P.F., 1798
Mus. Bolten II
Shells of Vietnamp 104
Triton cynophalus Lamarck, J.B.P.A. de, 1816
Shells of Vietnamp 104
Triton distortum Lamarck, J.B.P.A. de, 1816
Shells of Vietnamp 104
Monoplex pilearis cruzana (var.) Nowell-Usticke, G.W., 1959
Shells of Vietnamp 104
cameraImage Acknowledgments
1 Les Ranellidae & Personidae
2 Guido Poppe
3 Jacksonville Shell Club
4 Eurasia Shells