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Version 45.00 started going live 22nd January, 2019. This release will incorporate significant changes to many families.

Gyroscala lamellosa

(Lamarck, J.B.P.A. de, 1822) Lamellose/Perplexed/Banded Wentletrap Shell size 9 - 40 mm Worldwide Warm Oceans (except E Pacific)
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
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Sea Snails of PondicherryFig. 32
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Scalaria pseudoscalaris Brocchi, G.B., 1814
Scalaria monocycla Lamarck, J.B.P.A. de, 1822
Gyroscala monocycla Kiener, L.C., 1839
Epitonium (Epitonium) fimbriosa Wood, W., 1842
Scalaria perplexa Pease, W.H. in Deshayes, G.P., 1863 : Japan - Hawaii
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Epitonium (Epitonium) perplexa Reeve, L.A., 1873
Gyroscala angusta Mörch, O.A.L., 1875
Scala filaris Mörch, O.A.L., 1875 : St Maarten, West Indies
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phil.
Scalaria candida Monterosato, T.A. de M. di, 1877
Scalaria commutata Monterosato, T.A. de M. di, 1877 : Mediterranean; W Africa
European Seashells Volume 1p 291/16
Epitonium (Epitonium) monocycla Sowerby, J. de C., 1897
Epitonium (Epitonium) lamellosa Bryon, 1915
Australian Marine Shells Part 1p 278
Epitonium (Nitidiscala) basica Dall, W.H., 1917 : Sea of Cortèz, W Mexico - Panama
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Scala perplicata Iredale, T., 1929
Australian Marine Shells Part 1p 278
Scalaria albocostata Turton, W.H., 1932
Epitonium (Epitonium) commutatum Turton, W.H., 1932 : Mediterranean; W Africa
Epitonium (Epitonium) monocycla Turton, W.H., 1932
Scalaria rietensis Turton, W.H., 1932
Scalaria rufanensis Turton, W.H., 1932
Pomiscala reevesbyi Cotton, B.C., 1939
Australian Marine Shells Part 1p 278
Epitonium (Nitidiscala) basicum Strong, A.M., 1943
Scala torquata Féneaux, A., 1943
Epitonium (Nitidiscala) basicum Burch, R.L., 1945
Epitonium (Eburniscala) pyramis Tinker, S.W., 1952 : Easter Island
Australian Marine Shells Part 1p 278
Gyroscala hachijoensis Taki, I., 1957
Gyroscala purplexa Taki, I., 1957
Epitonium (Nitidiscala) basicum Keen, A.M., 1958
Epitonium (Epitonium) coronata Barnard, K.H., 1963
Epitonium (Nitidiscala) basicum DuShane, H., 1964
Epitonium (Epitonium) perplexa Kerslake, 1968
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1 Eddie Hardy
2 Seashells of New South Wales
3 Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
4 S & A Nappo Collection
5 Simon Aiken
6 Femorale
7 Patty Jansen
8 Olivier Caro
9 Natural History Museum, Rotterdam
10 Natural History Museum, Rotterdam
11 Raymond Huet
12 Femorale
13 Denis Riek
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