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Version 45.00 started going live 22nd January, 2019. This release will incorporate significant changes to many families.

Hexaplex (Hexaplex) cichoreum cichoreum

(Gmelin, J.F., 1791) Endive(-like) Murex Shell size 50 - 150 mm Philippines; SW Pacific
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
Systema Naturaeed. XIII, Leipzig, 1 pt 6, p 3530
Indonesian Shells Ip 81/2
Fossil and Recent Muricidae of the WorldPart MURICINAE, p 306; Pl. 31/7-16
Encyclopedia of Marine Gastropodsp 256/2
Hamlyn Guide to Shells of the Worldp 164
M.B. Pocket Guide to Shells of the Worldp 91
Compendium of Seashellsp 134/3.1
Collector's guide to Seashells of the Worldp 89/1
Guide to Shells of Papua New Guineap 26/5
Shells of the Philippinesp 133/17
Shells of New Guinea & Central Pacificp 37/9
Murex Shells of the Worldp 50-51; Pl. 7/16-17
The Book of Indian Shellsp 53/4
Hexaplex (Hexaplex) chicoreum Gmelin, J.F., 1791 : Philippines
Shells of the World - Volume 2 (in Japanese)p 54/7
The Shell Handbookp 117
Shells of Taiwan Illustrated in Colourp 311/9, 11-13
Murex diaphanus Gmelin, J.F., 1791
Murex fasciatus Gmelin, J.F., 1791
Hexaplex foliacea Perry, G., 1811
Conchology (London)Pl. 8/4
Murex endivia Lamarck, J.B.P.A. de, 1822
Hist. Nat. Anim. Sans Vert.Vol. 7, p 168
Shells of the World - Volume 2 (in Japanese)p 54/6
Murex saxicola Broderip, W.J., 1825 : Mauritius
Zoological Journal, LondonVol. 2, p 202
Murex radicula Menke, K.T., 1828
Murex endivia albicans (var.) Tryon, G.W., 1880
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