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Release 35.06 went live 15/07/2014. Driving in France, Holland, Spain & Portugal for a month, then cruising so no more big updates until late September

Calliostoma occidentale

(Mighels, J.W. & C.B. Adams, 1842) North Atlantic Top Shell Shell size 6 - 17 mm Nova Scotia, Canada - New Jersey, USA - Barents Sea
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
Shell-bearing gastropod molluscs of the Arctic Oceanp 20; fig. 118L
Audubon - Field Guide to North American ShellsPl. 253; 377
European Seashellsp 231/11
Marine Mollusca of the Faroesp 32
Treasure of Russian Shells - 4 Trochiformesp 59
Trochus formosus MacAndrew, R. & E. Forbes, 1842
Marine Mollusca of the Faroesp 32
Margarites alabastrum "Beck, H.H. MS" Lovén, S.L., 1846
Marine Mollusca of the Faroesp 32
Trochus alabastrum Lovén, S.L., 1846
Ofv. Kongl. Vet. Akad. Förh., Stockholm1846, p 134-160, 182-204
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1 Toba Aquarium
2 Kwansei Shell Database
3 Kwansei Shell Database
4 Olivier Caro