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Version 44.01 went live 5th December, 2018. Cypraeidae now fully in line with Felix Lorenz's "COWRIES ..." 2017

Pseudorhaphitoma ichthys

(Melvill, J.C., 1910) Shell size 4.5 - 9 mm Arabian Gulf - S Africa; Taiwan
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
Magazine of Natural HistoryVol. 7/4, p 13; PI. 2/22, 22a
Mini-shells and small shells of Hengchun Peninsula, Taiwanp 239
Catalog of recent and fossil turridsp 480
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Acad. Nat. Sci. Phil.
Paraclathurella maria Thiele, J., 1925 : E Africa
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Catalog of recent and fossil turridsp 600
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Cythara deliciosa Barnard, K.H., 1958 : KwaZulu-Natal, Rep. South Africa
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Catalog of recent and fossil turridsp 290
Ann. Natal Mus.Vol. 34/2, p 333; nov. syn.
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