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Version 45.00 started going live 22nd January, 2019. This release will incorporate significant changes to many families.

Tonna (Canaliculata complex) canaliculata

(Linnaeus, C., 1758) Channeled Tun Shell size 30 - 145 mm Indo-W Pacific
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
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Dolium cepa Martini, F.H.W., 1777 : Indo-W Pacific (non validum)
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Dolium marmoreum Schröter, J.S., 1788
A Conchological IconographyTonnidae, p 51
Buccinum olearium Bruguière, J.G., 1789 (renamed)
A Conchological IconographyTonnidae, p 51
Shells of Vietnamp 91
Buccinum galea Wood, 1825
Tonna planicostata Dodge, H., 1956 (nomen novum)
A Conchological IconographyTonnidae, p 51
cameraImage Acknowledgments
1 Eddie Hardy
2 LSL, London
3 A Conchological Iconography
4 Femorale
5 Guido Poppe