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Jaspidiconus jaspideus

Gmelin, J.F., 1791 Jasper Cone Shell size 9 - 30 mm S Florida, USA - Colombia - N Brazil; Grenadines
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
Systema Naturaeed. XIII, Leipzig, 1 pt 6, p 3387/28
Colombian Seashells from the Caribbean Seap 125; 289/747
Hamlyn Guide to Shells of the Worldp 272
Sea Shells of the West Indiesp 172
Compendium of Seashellsp 270/2.4
Moluscos . . . De Margarita, Venezuelap 112
Collector's guide to Seashells of the Worldp 139/9
Audubon - Field Guide to North American ShellsPl. 5; 609
Nomenclature and Taxonomy in the Living Conidaep 149
JohnsoniaVol. 6, p 10
American ConchologistVol. 22/3, p 17
Chelyconus sulcatus Mühlfeldt, Megerle von, 1816 (juvenile)
Mag. Ges. Naturf. Fr. BerlinVol. 8/1, p 3; Pl. 1/1
Nomenclature and Taxonomy in the Living Conidaep 267
Conus granulatus "Martini, F.H.W." Reeve, L.A., 1843 (nomen nudum)
Conchologica Iconia, LondonVol. 1 (Conus), Pl. 37/201
Nomenclature and Taxonomy in the Living Conidaep 132
Conus crebrisulcus Sowerby, G.B. II, 1857 (juvenile)
Thesaurus Conchyliorum, LondonVol. 3 (Conus) pt 17, p 21/173; Pl. 14 (200)
Nomenclature and Taxonomy in the Living Conidaep 88
Conus corrugatus Sowerby, G.B. III, 1870
Proc. Zool. Soc. LondonVol. 2, p 257; Pl. 22/7
Nomenclature and Taxonomy in the Living Conidaep 87
Conus tenuisulcatus Sowerby, G.B. III, 1870 : Indo-Pacific (incertae cedis)
Proc. Zool. Soc. LondonVol. 38/2, p 256; Pl. 22/10
Conidae; Volume 1:Indo-Pacific Regionp 467/19-20
Nomenclature and Taxonomy in the Living Conidaep 275
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