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Version 45.00 started going live 22nd January, 2019. This release will incorporate significant changes to many families.

Cryptonatica affinis

(Gmelin, J.F., 1791) Arctic/Aleutian Moon Snail; Bull's-Eye Shell size 12 - 60 mm Circum-Arctic - Mediterranean; - California, USA; - N Carolina, USA; - Japan
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
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Natica beverlii Leach, W.E., 1819
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Natica consolidata Couthouy, J.P., 1838
Natica septentrionalis Møller, H.P.C., 1842 : Circum-Arctic
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Shell-bearing gastropod molluscs of the Arctic Oceanp 35; fig.124F
Marine Mollusca of the Faroesp 61
Natica algida Gould, A.A., 1848
Natica clausa elatior (var.) Middendorff, A.T. von, 1849
Natica clausa normalis (var.) Middendorff, A.T. von, 1849
Natica unicolor Middendorff, A.T. von, 1849
Natica zonata Middendorff, A.T. von, 1849
Natica clausa depressior (var.) Middendorff, A.T. von, 1851
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Natica clausa minor (var.) Philippi, R.A., 1852
Natica tenuis Mörch, O.A.L., 1869
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Natica affinis Sars, G.O., 1878
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Cryptonatica salimba Dall, W.H., 1919
Tectonatica russa Habe, T. & K. Ito, 1965
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Natica clausiformis Oyama, K., 1969
cameraImage Acknowledgments
1 Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
2 Simon Aiken
3 Russell Webb
5 Baroque Cabinet
6 Guido Poppe