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Semicassis (Semicassis) granulata undulata

(Gmelin, J.F., 1791) Mediterranean Bonnet Shell size 60 - 130 mm Mediterranean; E Atlantic Islands; NW Africa
Taxonomic Information
open bookPage/Plate
Schelpen Encyclopedie (in Dutch)p 107
Hamlyn Guide to Shells of the Worldp 134
The Shell Handbookp 105
Compendium of Seashellsp 113/3.2
Collector's guide to Seashells of the Worldp 81/3
Malacological Fauna from the Cape Verde Archipelagop 93; 319/390
Recent Cassidaep 55-56; 117/64
Acad. Nat. Sci. Phil.
Buccinum bilineatum Gmelin, J.F., 1791
Recent Cassidaep 56
Buccinum trifasciatum Gmelin, J.F., 1791
Recent Cassidaep 56
Phalium undulatum Gmelin, J.F., 1791 : Azores; Madeira; Canaries into Mediterranean
European Seashells Volume 1p 261/14-17
Vita MarinaVol. 46/1-2, p 66/10
Cassis sulcosa Bruguière, J.G., 1792
Recent Cassidaep 56
Semicassis variatum "Martyn, T." Mörch, O.A.L., 1852
Recent Cassidaep 56
Semicassis ampullacea Monterosato, T.A. de M. di, 1878
Semicassis crassa Monterosato, T.A. de M. di, 1878
Semicassis elongata Monterosato, T.A. de M. di, 1878
Semicassis varicosa Monterosato, T.A. de M. di, 1878
Semicassis levilabiata Gregorio, A. de, 1884
Cassis ventricosa "Martyn, T." Tryon, G.W., 1885
Recent Cassidaep 56
Semicassis excolore Pallary, P., 1900
Semicassis minima Pallary, P., 1900
Semicassis minor Pallary, P., 1900
Semicassis marchesi Bayer, F.M., 1935
Semicassis pusio Bayer, F.M., 1935
cameraImage Acknowledgments
1 Eddie Hardy
2 Natural History Museum, Rotterdam
3 Femorale
4 Mollusc Net Auctions